The Capable Parent

Parents, communication begins with you. Don't wait for an evaluation or the next therapy session. Choose to empower and educate yourself and start making a significant impact on your child's development. Alleviate the frustration of not knowing what your child wants to express and begin implementing tools and techniques that will enable them to share their ideas and needs.

"You are your child's first teacher: caring, determined and capable of making the most significant impact on your child's communication skills."

Cindy Ramos, Coach/Educator


What is The Capable Parent?

The goal of The Capable Parent is to educate, empower and support you in learning how to engage with your child to help them develop functional communication skills. Applying the strategies and techniques learned will give your child a means to communicate their wants and needs. 


*The Capable Parent is not speech therapy.

Who is The Capable Parent for?

The Capable Parent is here for moms like you who are done with the feelings of hopelessness and frustration that come from a lack of communication between you and your child.
Maybe your child did not qualify for services, or you are paying for therapy out of pocket, or you don't know how you can help your child at home, or you live in a location where speech and language services aren't available?
 Discover and step into your role as the best person who can give your child a voice.

When and where will sessions take place?

The sessions will take place LIVE via Zoom at a time convenient for you. No need to drive long distances, sit in traffic or add another task to your busy schedule. Experience coaching in the comfort of your own home.

Why choose The Capable Parent?

With The Capable Parent, you will learn how to connect with your child to build communication skills, gain the knowledge you need to modify play and daily activities to target specific goals, no longer feel lost or helpless. You'll be encouraged and empowered by the progress you begin to see!

Happy Mother with her Child

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